Just back from a lovely holiday in Northumberland where, amongst other things, I ate more than necessary and more ‘unhealthily’ than usual. It’s made me feel fatter and slower than normal, and now I want to get back to normal.  So, bring on the healthy eating.  But what is healthy food really? There is so much info out there that I am not sure what to believe.

mhfDiet and nutrition seem to be important to mental health. There is lots of clear info on the Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) website here, and a Healthy eating and depression booklet you can download.

The basic advice is this:

  • eat regularly throughout the day
  • choose less refined high sugar foods and drinks and more wholegrain cereals, pulses, fruit and vegetables
  • include protein at each meal
  • eat a wide variety of foods
  • include oily fish (omega 3 fatty acids) in your diet
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • maintain adequate fluid intake
  • if you drink alcohol keep within recommended limits
  • exercise regularly

I am going to add these into the things I monitor daily, to see how they affect my mood.  MHF also do a down-loadable Food and mood diary that looks useful, even if only for the summary of what different nutrients do what, and where they are found.



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