I wrote recently about forming habits and trying to turn regular, helpful behaviours into daily things that require little thought or mental effort.  The habit of getting up early each morning to fill in my mood chart was my first experiment, and it has gone well: there is now no negotiation in my head as to whether I can go straight back to bed after giving Raisin her breakfast; I just get up, put on warm socks and woolly hat, turn the computer on, make a cup of coffee and sit down to write.  So it’s good that I am getting up early, as it’s one of the things that helps me feel better.  Also, the act of monitoring helpful things is useful in itself – I definitely make more of an effort to eat properly, for example, knowing I’ll be giving myself a good food score in the morning.  I’ve been having pan-fried sardine fillets fresh from the market on a bed of salad leaves with a squeeze of lemon juice for lunch. Even I can cook that. Delicious.

declutterNow I feel ready for my next habit – to add to the getting up early habit – and it’s a toss up between writing/blogging every day; working on my One Thing; trombone practice; mindfulness practice; and decluttering the house.

Tough decision but it’s going to be writing/blogging every day straight after doing my mood scores. Should be easy and quick to integrate with the first habit, then I can move on to the others once it’s established.


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