Ruby Wax calls mindfulness the ‘post-therapeutic zeitgeist’ for tackling depression (if my memory serves me correctly – tricky taking quotes from an audiobook without notes).  She did a masters degree in neuroscience to understand better what was going on in her depressed brain, and found both the science and her experience of mindfulness very persuasive. I am sure it is worth exploring.

Here’s a gentle introduction from mindfulness-for-depression leading light Prof Mark Williams, who says “mindfulness is a form of awareness really. It’s a direct intuitive knowing of what’s going on from moment to moment, both in the outside world and the inside world”.

I can’t find an accessible video that explains the neuroscience of why mindfulness works for depression, but i will keep looking. In the meantime, here’s how it all started 30 years ago with Jon Kabat Zinn in Massachusetts.

mindfulness – introduction

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