People living in the greenest urban areas tend to have better mental health than those in the least green areas. Researchers from Exeter University studied changes in mental health over time in people who had relocated to a greener (or less green) urban area.  Moving to a greener urban area was associated with an immediate and sustained mental health gain.


Being active outdoors reduces stress levels, enhances mood and increases vitality, according to research summarised by the University of Sheffield.  Getting outside and moving for as little as five minutes at a time improves both mood and self-esteem. For an extra  boost, exercise near a body of water, as this has the biggest effect.

The mechanism for these benefits seems to be a reduction in daytime levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), according to research in Scotland.  Interestingly, the stress-reducing effect associated with green spaces is greater in women than men.


mood improvement: a walk in the park

3 thoughts on “mood improvement: a walk in the park

  • Yes, indeed!
    I find walking outside so helpful in all areas to my life!
    Although where I live it’s VERY cold, we learn to bundle up and go out for a short time.
    No green, but lots of white! LOL

  • Nature always seems to have a profound effect on peoples mental stability. It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it? Apparently it’s just good for soothing the soul. Been living in cities my whole life, it’s difficult to find some nice greenery besides in a local park. Love the blog by the way, it’s really nice :).

    Thanks for mentioning me by the way in your resources section, really appreciate it. Made my day when I saw it.

    Growing Positive

  • I completely agree. I’m fortunate to live in an area where I can get out with my dog and get fresh air(near a body of water) and sunlight, most of the time. The winter temperatures and shorter days make it a challenge, but it is so worth it.

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