20140922_095042My beloved little cocker spaniel, Raisin Dettra, was run over by a car on Monday. Luckily it happened very slowly and she escaped with a dislocated hip and a long cut on her leg.

Now that the trauma of seeing it happen, getting to the vet, waiting for the verdict, worrying about her and her future etc etc has passed, I can write about it.

She should make a full recovery physically. Not sure about any psychological effect.

There’s no doubt getting a dog has made a big difference to my depression as I hoped it would (hence her name, although she gets called a number of different things too).

  • She wakes me up each morning, full of beans and enthusiasm – it’s infectious
  • She boosts my self esteem by always being delighted to see me
  • Caring for her and being responsible for her (especially at the moment) takes me out of myself, and away from my own concerns
  • She’s a brilliant training partner – we walk for miles, rain or shine, often in beautiful places I didn’t visit before
  • She breaks the ice with people. Not everyone likes dogs, fine, but I have made many new friends since Raisin came along. I am very shy, but complete strangers don’t think twice about coming up and saying hello to her, and then me. I love it
  • If I am low, she seems to understand, and sits quietly by me until she thinks I ought to go out and play with her, which I usually do, and I usually feel better then
  • It’s soothing to stroke and cuddle her
  • She stops me feeling lonely

There’s more on this at Dogs for Depression.

I thought the accident might trigger my depression but, worry aside, I am OK so far. I need to be OK to care for her.

So, no more walks for while; she has to rest until it’s safe to charge about again.  I will have to make do with the cuddles. Get well soon Stinker x


my black dog

7 thoughts on “my black dog

  • Dogs are wonderful, aren’t they? So full of unconditional love. I hope Raisin makes a full recovery so you both can out walking and playing again 🙂

  • That’s lovely Libby and I am so pleased Raisin is such a positive impact in your life and that she too is so lucky to have you to get her through this horrible accident. Wishing you both all the best Sonia x

  • Hope good recovery being maintained with R D ? Think of you all a lot and , hopefully,
    will see you and R’s lovely glossy coat around soon..,…xxx

  • Thanks everyone for your good wishes. The vet is pleased with Raisin’s progress, and she can go out on lead walks now for 20 mins a day, building up gradually. She shows no sign of discomfort or lameness. She can’t understand why we are not playing balley 🙂

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