stick runningThere are things I need to do –  so I believe – consistently, every day or every other day, if I am to keep my depression away. Running, being sociable, pursuing my interests, taking my supplements, getting enough sleep, practising mindfulness, keeping my life tidy.

Further, there are things which, according to my research, might help me actually  get rid of the depression altogether.

Why then have I stopped doing them?

planeIt’s not because I want to remain depressed – nobody would want that, surely? Or because I am too unwell to do anything, or too busy, or too forgetful, too lazy –  although maybe these are part of the answer.

Whatever, I can feel I am heading for a crash, ‘cruising for a bruising’, unless I can get back on track.  Just thinking about what I should be doing makes me feel tired. Time to take my own advice. I shall press the reset button, and very gently and with as much kindness as possible, start again to do the things that help.


on failing to do what helps

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  • Libby, I just read about your cycling tour on Lou’s blog and have signed up to follow your adventures. I’m cheering for you all the way from beautiful Cleveland, Ohio! Best of luck to you and Raisin!!

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