jump-for-joyIt’s New Year’s Eve and, so long as I make to midnight without drinking, I have been alcohol free for 365 days. The whole of 2014. Crikey. This is such a relief, and it seems too unreal, too unlikely, to feel anything other than amazement.

I wrote here about how I did it: making not-drinking my number one priority; getting support from the sobersphere; regular treats etc. Alcohol misuse and depression feed into each other until it can be hard to disentangle one from the other, but I firmly believe my drinking started as a response to my depression.

It wasn’t until I had got the depression under a bit more control – although I was still drinking heavily – that I was able to concentrate on the not drinking. It won’t be like that for everyone. Trial and error is perhaps the answer.

I recently met a ‘sober blogger’ for coffee, having started a correspondence via A Hangover Free Life. Lou’s website and her online course are well worth a look and I am very excited to be working on some information about depression for the course.

So here’s to 2015 and another year alcohol-free for me, all being well.

one year alcohol-free

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