Welsh Highland Railway and RaisinNovember: short gloomy days, no bats to worry about, and the season of Christmas bullshit approaching fast. Having returned from a lovely week in Snowdonia with Raisin – mountains and coast, fabulous – everything now feels like a struggle.  The days drift by, nothing gets done, it is beginning to look serious.

So I have started running again after a long summer lay-off. It’s the quickest, most powerful fix I can find. It requires motivation, but not as much as housework 🙂 Two miles first thing in the morning, and I feel good till the afternoon.  It’s not perfect – my body can only stand every other day at the moment, and I still find the afternoons/evening difficult – but it’s a great help.  Walking is fine, but doesn’t have the same effect, not even 5 miles in the sunshine with Raisin.

There’s lots of research on exercise and depression, some of it I have covered previously. Not all the research supports the benefits I experience, but that’s OK, it works for me.


Further reading

Simon Hattenstone in the Guardian Exercise is no panacea for depression – but it keeps it at bay


running for my life

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