I’ve had a few late nights recently and am really feeling tired. I usually feel tired however much sleep I get, but since reading The Depression Cure: The six step programme to beat depression without drugs by Steve Ilardi, 8 hours good sleep per night is one of my depression-busting strategies. Here’s an extract:

Sleep disturbance and depression go hand in hand. Not only is disordered sleep one of the telltale symptoms of depression, but it also plays a major role in triggering the illness…..The loss of slow-wave sleep – the most restorative phase of slumber – can directly account for many of depression’s most debilitating features…..Before the onset of depression, four out of five people suffer from some form of sleep disturbance.

Anything we can do to improve our sleep can help combat depression and render the disorder less likely to occur in the future.

I found this lecture by Prof Russell Foster useful:

Or for a (much shorter) clip of him talking about sleep hygiene, listen to this:

Note, sleep deprivation or ‘wake therapy‘ for depression will be looked at later – watch this space.


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